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Monica Dogra Will Be Performing at the Sindhi Foundation's Long Walk

Monica Dogra, who has endorsed the Sindhi Foundation’s Long Walk for Freedom, Nature, and Love, will be performing at the D.C. portion of the Long Walk. Dogra will be showcasing her music at the Lincoln Memorial on April 29th from 4-6pm.

Dogra is an Indian-American musician and actor from Maryland. She studied music at New York University and went on to become well-renowned for her many gifts. She has been featured on the covers of major magazines such as Maxim India Magazine and FHM Magazine. In 2005, she created an Electro-Rock Band called Shaa’ir and Func. She is now a solo artist, releasing hit after hit, music video after music video. On top of Dogra’s many skills, she has proven to be a talented dancer, as seen in her music videos.

Acting in both Hollywood and Bollywood movies, Dogra is passionate about performance of many kinds. One of Dogra’s most famous movies is Dhobi Ghat, which was nominated for Best Film in the Annual Central European Bollywood Awards in India.

More recently, Monica Dogra was interviewed on March 2nd by Vogue, discussing one of her most recent series, “The Married Woman.” While reflecting on her own real-life similarities to her character, Peeplika, Dogra expressed an insightful understanding of herself:

“'I identify as someone who operates more from the heart than my head. That shows in many of the choices I make as an actor, as a musician. I have never really gone mainstream, I have always done things that took risks.'”

In addition to her passion for the arts, Dogra is an activist for numerous causes, some of which include female representation in the arts, women’s rights, LGBTQ+ rights, overall human rights, and animal rights, being a strong supporter of PETA.

Dogra has found a way to combine her passions to make an impact; in an interview with IANS, a well-known Indian News source, Dogra expressed:

“'Art and music play a very important role in terms of activism and in changing the cultural climate for issues which are normally irrelevant to the privileged'.”

The Sindhi Foundation is ecstatic to have received the support of the infamous Monica Dogra and is looking forward to her performance in D.C., during the Long Walk for Freedom, Nature, and Love. She will be supporting the Sindhi Foundation’s goal of spreading awareness of human rights violations and climate abuses, in the name of freedom, nature, and love.

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Apr 08, 2021

I don't know much @ Sindhi Foundation, but I wish them good luck.

I am Sindhi myself with Sindhi wife settled in USA since 51 years.

I am watching the Sindhi Foundation very sincerely. I will donate some money if I am satisfied with their activities.

Nari Motwani

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