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Jean Shafiroff Encouraging the Long Walk for Freedom

The Sindhi Foundation has an important update on the Long Walk for Freedom, Nature, and Love: Jean Shafiroff, a philanthropist, TV host, author, and influencer has endorsed the Long Walk! She was generous enough to record three video messages supporting our cause.

Shafiroff chairs and hosts events for charitable causes related to themes such as women, animals, and health care. She has raised millions of dollars for the Southampton Hospital in New York and is a board member of numerous nonprofits. At the 2020 Power Women of Long Island event, Shafiroff received the Philanthropist of the Year Award; this is one of many awards and prestigious titles she has received for her philanthropic work. In 2017, Shafiroff and her husband donated an estimated $1 million dollars to various charitable causes.

She has supported and been recognized by influential organizations such as New York City Mission Society, New York Women’s Foundation, Southampton Animal Shelter, and Jewish Board of Family and Children’s Services. In addition to this, she has been featured in well-known publications such as The New York Times, Metropolitan Magazine, Long Island Press, and New York Post.

Shafiroff’s support for specifically women’s rights and religious freedom strongly align with the Sindhi Foundation’s causes and the motivations behind the Long Walk. As she states in her video message, the Long Walk for Freedom exists to spread awareness of:

“the Sindhi people living in Pakistan, people who have faced terrible crimes against humanity. Crimes such as the abduction of over 1,000 young girls every year; girls that are abducted, forced to learn Islam, and then forced to marry Islamic men, never to be seen again.”

In just those two sentences, Jean Shafiroff connects two major issues: oppression of women and oppression of religion. Her voice is vital to our cause and will help our mission: to create a voice for the Sindhi people and other oppressed minorities around the world, spreading a message of freedom, nature, and love.

Shafiroff ends her video message with a motivational call to action:

“I ask you, open up your hearts, put on your sneakers, and please join us for the 350-mile Walk for Freedom. Thank you very much and I hope to see you.”

The Sindhi Foundation is deeply inspired by Jean Shafiroff's dedication to philanthropy and positive impact on numerous communities. Her endorsement of the Long Walk for Freedom, Nature, and Love is a symbol of solidarity and speaks to her kind heart and solid mission to change the world for the better.

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