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Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi Encourages the Long Walk

The Sindhi Foundation has a new update: Representative Raja Krishnamoorthi has expressed his support for the Sindhi Foundation's Long Walk through a video message.

Congressman Krishnamoorthi, representative of Illinois’ 8th District, dedicates his efforts towards numerous Committees; he is Co-Chair of the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus, he serves on the Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis, and is Vice-Chair of the LGBTQ+ Equality Caucus, to name just a few. Krishnamoorthi was elected in 2016 and has since proven his dedication towards the aforementioned causes as well as many more, including the coronavirus crisis and the economy.

As the son of immigrant parents from India, Krishnamoorthi is strongly devoted to establishing equal opportunities so that all Americans can achieve the American Dream. He is a symbol of hard work, empathy, and

speaking up for what is right.

In his video message, Krishnamoorthi highlights the main causes of the Long Walk for Freedom and emphasizes the urgency and importance of these issues:

“Marginalized communities across the world live their days in fear of persecution and with our planet warming and Antarctic ice sheets shrinking day by day, there is no time to waste. Facing a pandemic that has launched our nation into a year-long mourning period, a worsening climate crisis, and rampant human rights abuses, marginalized people around the world are standing together to demand an end to the suffering.”

Representative Krishnamoorthi thanks the Sindhi community and participants and organizers of the Long Walk:

“I am grateful to Fatima Gul and to the Sindhi community for their activism, inclusive culture, and their friendship.”

The Sindhi Foundation is grateful and proud to have received the encouragement and support of the esteemed Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi.

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