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Tom Kmiec is the first Member of Parliament to express his support for The Long Walk Canada

Tom Kmiec, Canadian Member of Parliament has announced his encouragement for The Long Walk Canada in a brief video message. The Polish-Canadian politician focuses on the importance of Sindh and uniting our global community.

As representative for the people of Calgary Shepard, Kmiec is in his second term in the House of Commons and was first elected in 2015.

Tom Kmiec has been supporting efforts of the Sindhi Foundation before.

Human rights and religious freedom are important topics to Kmiec. The politician had a role in passing the Magnitsky Act in Canada to punish human rights abusers overseas and has raised human rights cases in Parliament on behalf of Sindhis, Kurds and minority groups in the People’s Republic of China. Kmiec has supported the efforts of Sindhi Foundation in the past.

"It is important to strengthen and promote inter-religious, interfaith and intercultural harmony between Sindhis and the rest of the global community,” Kmiec says in his video message.

“We must remember the ones that have disappeared,” Kmiec continues. “Those who lost their jobs, those who have been murdered, those who have been oppressed and those in Sindh, Pakistan, who do not have the same opportunities as us."

Tom Kmiec ends his message with a note of support. “The people of Canada stand with Sindhis all over the world.”

The second edition of The Long Walk will kick off in Toronto on May 28th. After a 424 kilometers march, Ottawa will be the destination. The aim is to inform people about human rights issues, climate change and environmental injustice.

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