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Sunil Sangi on Enforced Disappearance of Brother Kamlesh Meghwar

Kamlesh has been missing since 26th November, 2014. We have had no contact with him since then. Nor have his captors contacted us. On November 26, 2014, we were away from home as I had my marriage at my village at Tharparkar. Kamlesh was at Mehran University, Jamshoro, as he had examinations He along with his two friends went to Jamshoro colony shop to have his assignment photo copied. It was crowded with 40-50 people at the shop.

A police mobile van carrying uniformed police men and a private Corolla car with registration number: SP 0707 pulled up by the photo copy shop. Uniformed police men got out of the police mobile van and plain clothes men from the private car. They came straight to Kamlesh and his friends and asked his (Kamlesh’s) ID. On recognition, they rounded him and drove him away in their cars. It has been seven months and some days since he has been disappeared, and we never heard from him. His cell phone is turned off since then. He turned 20 on the day he was made disappeared.

His friends who were with him and other boys told us how he was taken away from the photo copy shop. He was in his third year of engineering, studying Environment Engineering in Mehran University of Engineering and Technology, Jamshoro. He was residing in the Hostel of Engineering University, Sachal Hostel. We all were living in Thar. He is youngest in the family. He looks such an innocent if you had seen his picture. I have six siblings, two brothers and four sisters.

We have filed a constitutional petition against his disappearance before the High Court of Sindh, Hyderabad. We continuously participated in protest rallies demanding his release. We also met with the Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) but to no avail. Deputy Inspector General (DIG) PoliceHyderabad range ordered formation of JIT (Joint Investigation Team) comprising of all law enforcement agencies and intelligence agencies to investigate the disappearance of Kamlesh.I couldn’t say who else took him away except the uniformed police men and plain clothes men who were witnessed by many coming in the vehicles (police mobile van and a private Corolla) and whisked Kamlesh away.

He had no case registered against him on any police station. He was never involved in any crime. He achieved first position throughout his years of education, and had 90 recent attendance in his University classes. He might have developed relations with some political activists while living hostel that we are not aware of. But, to my knowledge he was never been a member to any political organization. Jeay Sindh Mutheda Mahaz(JSMM) however says he was their member.

I have learned from my reliable sources and Kamlesh’s friends that he was made to be disappeared by the Mehran University management because he raised his voice against the corruption of the management. The University management was alleged to be selling seats (admissions).

I myself am a lecturer, teaching commerce at a college. My younger brother, older than Kamlesh, is a physician. Father is deputy education officer. Our mother is in serious condition since disappearance of Kamlesh. She has gone into acute depression missing Kamlesh and got her eyes damaged as she’s been crying and crying since his disappearance. We took her to the doctor couple of times. She has gone into depression, the doctors say.

We have been saying time and again please, even he has committed any mistake we beg your pardon, give him a chance. Release him.

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