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Sindhi Foundation to brief United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland

Sindhi Foundation to raise voice against enforced disappearances of Sindhi youth with the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland

August 31, 2015 (Washington, DC): A delegation of Sindhi Foundation comprising Hasan Mujtaba, journalist and human rights defender on Sindh, and Sufi Laghari,  Executive  Director of Sindhi Foundation, will be briefing the 107th session of the UNITED NATIONS’ WORKING GROUP ON ENFORCED OR INVOLUNTARY DISAPPEARANCES (WGEID) ON SEPTEMBER 17, 2015, on enforced disappearances of Sindhi youth, their detentions at secret places, killings and being dumped as of recent cases and the past.

Those disappeared were neither produced in any court nor their charges and places of detention were made public. Never they were released either.

Yet their perpetrators remain unaccounted for enjoying complete impunity.

We encourage human rights groups, families, and supporters of Sindh’s human rights to support Sindhi Foundation so we could raise our voice against the enforced disappearances of Sindhi Youths to the level of International forums for the humanitarian law and the international community.

Sindhi Foundation’s primary object is to make the international community including the United States, United Nations, and the European Union, aware, enlightened, and educated on the Human Rights Issues of Sindh.

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