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Atta Mohammed Bhambhro on involuntary enforced disappearance of his son

Raja Dahar Bhambhro taken by Pakistan’s military intelligence agents and its para military the Rangers in Sindh

On the morning of June 4, 2015, personnel of intelligence agencies, and the Rangers, surrounded our village Bachal Bhambhro in Rasoolabad within Khairpur Mirs district and conducted house to house search without any search warrants or under supervision of a magistrate. They also stormed into our house and took my son Raja Dahar Bhambhro into their custody, severely started beating him, blindfolded him and whisked him away in their vehicles.

Despite the passage of six days, his whereabouts are still unknown to us. They have neither declared his arrest, cause of arrest, nor referred him to any court of law. Actually there is no law in the country at all, as they did siege of our village, intruded our houses like intruders, without any warrants. My son Raja Dahar who is under 40, has been engaged in peaceful political activity for the last 20 years. He has never been involved in any crimes nor extortion. Like any other political party, he was member of Jeay Sindh Mutheda Mahaz which he quit a few years back.  At present, we have no knowledge of his whereabouts.

If he has committed any crime, he must be produced before a court, in accordance with the laws of human rights across the world. My demand is this: “Declare his arrest and refer him to the court if he is criminal.” But we know he hasn’t done any crime. He is just a “Desh Bhagat” (Patriot). He is simpleton, regular folk. He is “Desh Bhagat” (patriot) by birth. So am I. He is worshipper of Sindh. As his father, I would ask for his immediate release. Let him free, or else declare his arrest and make his whereabouts public.

I live in Hyderabad city. My son Raja Dahar was living in his village, to look after our agricultural lands as there are no jobs in cities for us.Our village is a model village where there are 8 to 10 women doctors and engineers from the village. Our boys and girls work in large cities like Islamabad and Lahore. It is highly educated village.  

Yet, rangers and intelligence agency, conducted house to house search. They found nothing unlawful or contraband from our houses. They took my son away. Since then (June 4), we do not know about his wellbeing and whereabouts. I am concerned about his life.

We have not contacted to the police as the police or civil administration had nothing to do with my son being taken away. They tortured him while taking him away. It’s OK. Torture doesn’t kill as long as they return him safely but at least they make his whereabouts public.

We have appealed to Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Pakistan to take notice of the case. None of the local human rights bodies including Human Rights Commission of Pakistan have contacted us except one Human Rights organization from Hong Kong. We have started legal course of action against my son’s being missing from today.

Atta Mohammed Bhambhro is Sindh’s highly respected historian and author of more than 40 books.

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