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Our Mission


To build bridges between Sindhi people and the international community through public diplomacy, scholarship, research, defending human rights, media, education, person-to-person contact, culture, art, literary and education events, exchange programs, conferences,  Sufi melas (festivals), media arts, studies, fellowships, participation and partnerships among government and civil society sectors.

To strengthen and promote inter-racial, inter-religious, inter-faith, and inter-cultural harmony among Sindhis and the rest of the global community.

To bring a social change and promote openness and freedom of thought and expression among Sindhi people and Sindhi society, especially through empowerment of women, religious and sexual minorities, marginalized communities, and persecuted scholars, academics, civil society to retrieve original Sufi Sindhi discourse.

O Lord, may you always shower happiness over Sindh,

O Sweet Friend, may you make the whole world abundant.

Shah Abdul Lateef Bhitai

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