Thousands have been abducted in Sindh. Their stories are silenced. Be their voice

The faces you see above are only a handful of the thousands of activists, journalists, teachers, and students who have been recently abducted without due process by state authorities in Sindh, Pakistan. These human rights abuses are indirectly funded by the United States, whose government provides Pakistan with millions in annual aid which is at best not equitably distributed to Sindh and is at worst weaponized against their people. 


In Sindh, anyone who speaks out against state violence is at risk of abduction. Victims rarely return, and their families don't hear a word. Their stories deserve to be told– and we demand they be returned.

Thousands around the world have taken seconds-long video clips

calling for disappeared Sindhis to be freed. Join the movement!

Here is how:


Step 1. Pick the name of a disappeared Sindhi (click on a face above).

Step 2. Film a five-second video calling for their release.



  "Where is Aaqib Chandio? 

    Aaqib Chandio, kit-hay aahey?"

    Pronounced "Quí-Te-Á-Hey" in Sindhi


Step 3. Post the video on social media, using #WhereIs ...

Step 4. Spread the word! Tell your friends to take their own videos, too. 


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Mehran Ali Mirani

Mehran Ali Mirani, 18, disappeared on January 13, 2020. A Sindh resident and student, his enforced disappearance was witnessed near the technical college gates of the Memon Society. Mehran had been riding his Honda 125 motorcycle when a white-colored car reportedly ran into him from behind. He fell to the side of the road, where one person– armed with official weapons and wearing a commando uniform–violently forced him into a Toyota Corolla.